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  • Drivers from israeli company Morel
  • Components for passive filters from companies Mundorf® and Rike Audio
  • Software design of passive filters (from measured data) and their realization
  • Upgrade of original filter
  • Lending of our loudspeaker systems

Our newest High End loudspeakers COLOGNE
We have been rewarded with Solvency Certificate for year 2020

Thanks to our great relationship with Mundorf company, we received plenty of new passive elements we use during our loudspeakers development. Capacitors, air coils and resistors, in all ranges. There wouldn't be anything special about, but we received them as a gift. Thank you Mundorf.

Adam Vox company would like to introduce to all fans of quality sound the all new Loudspeaker systems Ashkelon and Zefat. These new products of Adam Vox had public premiere from 17th to 19th of November on the Audio Video Show 2017 in Warsaw
We have been rewarded with AAA Highest Creditworthiness Certificate for year 2016

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  • We are introducing news in HiFi class floor, dual band speaker system ASHDOD